No Metadata for new iocage jail



On freenas 11.1 u2
Finally got an iocage jail going and fully updated plex server. I am not the best so I delayed it for as long as I could knowing there were fixes and features I wanted to play with.

I got storage setup for the jail and thought I would be good to go, finally figure out how to get the folders added as it is different than the warden jail setup, not to mention I am changing around some datasets that were more complex than they needed to be.

Got the folders added and media started showing up, but ZERO metadata, not for movies or music, haven't tried tv shows.

A bit of troubleshooting no fixes, but I can say, I added the storage to my old plex server and added new libraries, metadata works just fine. So as far as I can tell it has nothing to do with my datasets being moved around. It must lie in the iocage jail or latest version of pms?

I have the same agents set up for both servers, both are accessible from outside of network. Maybe there is some network issue with iocage jail, but if so would that prevent outside access?

Any ideas?


Additionally, although I can see the server and add media, nothing plays. It does play from the same location on the other server on the same freenas server.

Could this be a user permissions thing?