No "On Deck" or Recently added



I have paid for and installed the windows I app. But I do not see "On deck or Recently added". They are selected and turned in the interface settings. All I can see is shared library. I can scroll and search these libraries. Everything is working as expected using the free web interface. Can anyone help as to why I can not see, everything in the paid version. FYI, I do not have Plex pass.



Post a Plex app log.


Ok. not sure which file you want, so here them all.

Hope they mean something to someone and you can help.

Plex.log (94.6 KB)Plex.log (94.6 KB)



It looks like the server you're using is shared with you.  With shared servers, the Win/WP apps don't look for onDeck or recentlyAdded.


Well that's stupid, doesn't wotk as advertised. Pretty sure the pictures in the app store show on deck,recently added. Oh well your only $8 richer. I will keep using the free version. It works!!!


Just to confirm, am I correct in interpreting from your logs that you don't own a server, but you're using a shared one from someone else?


Yes. A friend shares his collection with me. 


Are you referring to OnDeck and RecentlyAdded for each library section?


In Charms / settings/interface. It gives you the option to turn on and off from the Home page "on Deck" and "recently added" plus a few others ( I am not at home right now). Turning these on or off, makes no difference, unless I turn off "shared libraries". Then I have nothing, but a big sad face on screen.


Yeah, those are currently only supported for owned servers.

That may change in the future.




Let me know it changes......You think a paid version would at least the same if not better than the free version.




Let me know it changes......You think a paid version would at least the same if not better than the free version.

Just found this thread - trouble is it used to work for shared servers!  I have a Plex Server which is shared to my wife's Plex account.  On  her Windows 8 laptop, she used to have on deck and recently added - however recently this is gone and replaced by only accessing a shared library.  The app has been downgraded after paying for it!  <_<



I don't think that's true, but my memory could be betraying me.

In any case, I believe the new per-library-section views include both on deck and recently added.  So hopefully that helps?


this was happening to me periodically on my own servers it seems to work now however now when i try to play a vid it'll play 2 to 3 secs then buffer constantly, even stranger if you press pause it wont fully pause but will keep advancing frame by frame. this happens on both computers i have running plex. sorry to hijack this post but i tried starting my own but no one ever looked or responded to it. so much for support through our friendly forums...


Anyway back to the original topic. The on deck function is available. Found it completely by mistake. Open a catogory in your shared libraries. In the top right hand corner click the Views button the select "On Deck". Thought I had the same issue with the android version of this app, but you find the "on deck " exactly the same way.![post-268283-0-21539400-1417768000.jpg|690x269](upload://2To5ofXAV8hZFhFtSWbx0B7ibxA.jpg)

Plex is great software but a better help menu would have avoided all of this.


The on deck for shared users has always been available within the relevant section. Would be nice to have it on the front screen like for an owned library however.


I had been struggling with this problem for hours when I found this thread.

I'm not satisfied with the paid app at all since it does not have a way to have the good looking and useful home screen for friends, or even home users.  My wife and I both use the Windows 8.1 app (So I've bought it TWICE) and I kept pouring over my setups thinking I had done something wrong because I thought surely the win app would have AT LEAST the same functionality as the Android app...  

Are there plans to add on deck, recently added, etc to the home screen for friends and/or to allow user switching between home users?


Just so I'm clear, can you specify the exact functionality you're seeing in the Android app that's missing here?


There's nothing missing. On deck/recently added isn't on the home screen for shared users on the Android app. I'm not aware of any official app where it is on the home screen.


(That was my impression, but I figured I'd ask...  Of course, if we're talking Home-level sharing, that's not in the Win app...  yet.)