No Players Found in Media Player



I have been using the plex web app for years and have never had problems. Recently i downloaded and installed the Plex Media Player. Everything works the exact same as the plex web app, except one thing. When i try to cast to my chromecast, all i get is "No Players Found." If i have the web app open, i can cast the player to the web app, but that is pointless. Do i need to set the player up differently so i can cast directly from the media player to my chromecast? Thanks


I'm bumping this question ...

I have exactly the same issue. I have no problems casting to chromecast using Chrome browser and Plex Media Server web page. However, with the standalone Plex Media Player, my chromecast does not show up when clicking on the "cast" button.

Anyone know what's going on?


Hello, have you got any solution to this problem? I have a similar problem..
Thanks in advance..