No Plex app on Panasonic TH-65DS610U



I have a Panasonic TH-65DS610U, a Panasonic TH-50DS610U and a TH-40CS610A, and all of them have the plex app except for the TH-65DS610U. I don't understand why it's not available on the 65 inch version, but your site says it should be available on 2014 and later TVs and I bought it in 2016.

Also, why would the app be available on the 50 inch version and not the 65 inch version?


I don’t have it either. Maybe it’s taking some time? If there is an answer to this hopefully Panasonic can provide one.


Hey @rmuntz, are you still not able to see the Plex app in the market store while using the TH-65DS610U model? If you still don’t see it, do you mind letting me know which country you’re trying to download it from? We’ll be able to bring that information back to Panasonic and attempt to resolve the issue with them.

@SHOCKWAVE Do you mind providing the same information along with the model? Thanks!


Hi @pcalves sure.

Australia - Model TH-P65ST60A