No Posters after doing a plex restore



Hello, My computer died and I had to build a new one. Luckily I kept the backup on a different drive then C. So after rebuilding my computer and restoring the Database file as described, everything came back mostly. The only issue I am seeing is not images/thumbnails/ Poster for anything old. I added a new TV series and that shows up perfectly. After 48 hours however none of the old stuff has any posters yet. Is there something else I need to do? I tried a rescan of the library and no luck.

Posters missing after database restore

Ok I can go into the GUI and click on a movie or TV series and then click on the circle arrow for refresh and I get that poster back. I really don't want to do this manually and if I go to plex scanner and run the command line it doesn't do the same. I have run the following commands am I missing one that does what the gui does?
scanner --generate --section 1
scanner --scan --refresh --section 2
these don't seem to refresh my posters.


Hi @pappabees

Did you ever manage to fix this problem, I am experiencing the same thing.


The same here…(


Another user had artwork issues not showing up. On the Plex Server, close the server app and then go to where the plugin cache is stored (on Windows, it’s LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Plug-in Support\Caches, copy/paste the following directories to another location to back them up:


Once they are backed up, go ahead and delete those directories. Restart Plex Server and do a refresh on your movie library. Hopefully your artwork will appear.


Thanks I did indeed have to basically refresh the library. Also I used the plex media scanner to refresh as well and that helped with the last bit


I had the same issue as above. I moved my Ubuntu server to a new machine copied file, deleted cache but still had no artwork. It seems the only fix is a metadata refresh which means downloading every item again. It appears that the backup function doesn’t actually backup enough data. What files need to be saved so that I can write a script.


Since I have all the ‘good’ data on the old machine I can copy any or all of it across… any suggestions as to which files I should move?


I’ve now got both the old server and the new server running side by side. The old server is working correctly. I deleted all the database files on the new machine and replaced them with the database files from the old machine… Still no metadata… Both machines running latest ver, have same mounted shares. Anyone have any idea what files need moving, I could drag across the entire plexmediaserver folder but that contains server names, and preferences and I’d just like to be able to restore the data files.