No thumbnails for home movies in Photos Library



Per this thread :

Is it possible to get a skin update for this one ?


I'll fix it in next release


Did this get fixed in the 21st Sept release ? Just applied it and not seeing the improvement. Closed OpenPHT, deleted the existing skin folder, extracted v16.09.15 to the addons folder, started OpenPHT.


..also just noticed a couple of other issues in the same area.

A. if I open my photo's library it shows my collection via my favoured "LIST BLACKEDITION" view. Now if I open a photos folder that has both videos and photos it forces the view to be "PHOTOS LIBRARY" ie thumbnails view. If I now go back to main library view the view has now changed to "PHOTOS LIBRARY" also

B. In a folder with both video and photos I cannot open any photos when clicking on the thumbnail (videos open fine). However it will play a slideshow of all content from the main library view if I click "Play" on the remote with the photo's folder highlighted.


Any updates here DeadEyeFlint?


Sorry for my late reply,

I can only fix the problem with the movie thumbnails.
For the other issues we have to wait for a new openPHT release...


ok thx - and was the movie thumbnail fix included in your last release or one still to come ? Not pushing just so I know :-)


download latest release and test again.


works a treat, thanks DeadEyeFlint. Any release notes with the latest release so we see what wonderful treats you've delivered ? :-)