No TV show metadata



I'm quite new to plex an after some help.

I previously used my desktop as a server but over the weekend repurposed an old laptop. Metadata was absolutely fine on my desktop but for some reason on the laptop the TV shows wont pull any metadata.

I have used filebot to name them all and ask I said they were all fine previously.

So far I've tried the following.

1) Removed shows from library
2) Updated library
3) Emptied trash
4) Cleaned bundles
5) Re-added shows
6) Tried bith TVDB and movie database as agents

I've also tried to unmatch then rematch the shows but still no luck. It says downloading metadata but nothing changes.

As I said I'm new to plex and before this had had no problems at all.

Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong.



Possibly something is wrong with the local cache. When Plex orginaly matches and scrapes the metadata, it creates a local cache. When you refresh, Plex grabs metadata from the local cache. If something is amiss with the cache, refresh won't help.

You could try Clearing the HTTP Cache for the applicable agent.
Reboot the server after clearing the cache and give it a couple of minute to startup, then refresh metadata for the item. If it's a TV Series, perform a refresh for the entire series.


/Plug-in Support/Caches/com.plexapp.agents.thetvdb


Thanks, gave it a go but no luck.

I had to manually go in and match each show, then change the search option to TVDB, select the show then it downloaded the metadata. If I set the agent to TVDB it didn't work, if I selected auto match it didn't work.

I've no idea why. They're all matched now and I don't have a massive collection so if I have to do that in future it's hardly a chore. Just really strange.