No Update Available Notification on Recent Versions



So, I'm not sure if this is a Docker issue or not, but I've not gotten notification (via the orange highlight bar) or even when checking for an update in the server settings for the last couple of versions from v1.8.x to v1.9.0 to v1.9.1. I'm not sure if others are seeing this issue or even if it is related to the docker version.


Strange I am using the docker and same thing I am on 1.9.0 and didn't even know 1.9.1 was available...
I know I saw in the past it would tell me there was an update available...


Updates are long to be transferred as Docker.
It's the same for the Limetech or Linuxserver Dockers

I don't know which Dockers is the fastest for updates ?


@raphaeldavid - Hmm... that hasn't been my experience. The Docker version isn't really any different than the normal install, and should just be polling the same update server. It's really odd that there would be a difference.

The docker just pulls updates down when you restart the container.