No Way To Play Queued Movies



I have an Amazon Fire TV with Plex and I can't seem to figure out how to access my play queue. I was in my movie library and I had added a bunch of short episode videos to the play queue, which was easy to figure out. However, when I wanted to play the 8 movies I had queued up I could not figure out how. If I selected play on a different movie it warned me that I would overwrite the queue, which I didn't want to do, but there was no way to actually view or play the queue I had created. The only solution I had was to add all the items to a play list instead and then play that. I also noticed that in the movie grid I can select a "Play" button that's above the grid of movies. Doing this warned me I'd wipe out the queue and play "the selected movie"...trouble is there's no such thing as a selected movie at that time because I had to scroll OFF the list of movies in order to get to that button in the first place. So what's the point of it? Is that related to this queue issue? Is this a bug/oversight in the design or am I missing something?


I’ve just discovered this too, the option is there to add stuff to a queue (or a playlist) but there appears to be no way of starting the queue playing on a FireTV.


I would like to know how to play and view a queue on Fire TV too.


Just run into this same issue… no way to access or return to the queue once to go back to the GUI in the Android TV version of the Plex Player :frowning:
Also using playlists is not very convenient as any time you select a movie in the list, it starts from the beginning (no asking if you want to continue from your previous position). :frowning:


I would also like to know how to do this on the Fire TV.


Yep, I thought I was missing something… how to actually play the queue? Then I took to a search & found my self here.
Oi Devs! you forgot to put a queue button in this app.