Not able to connect to servers



I have been using plex for a while on my Samsung smart hub, connecting to servers located on Windows 10 machines.

For a few days now, i am not able to connect to any of my servers and getting a red X next to the server name - plex is online.

i have no problem connecting to the servers from one another and on Roku or other media streamer.

i have tried reinstalled the app on the TV and on a server without change. network security on the server is marked as preferred.

not sure what else to do... any advice is appreciated.



would appreciate any suggestion


Try Reserving the LAN IP addresses in the Router and add Manual Server addresses to TV app, Network settings in PMS without Authorization add all address required. Comma separated. Restart every thing from the power outlet. Check your DNS setting on the TV. Sometimes I have found changing it to Google DNS or OpenDNS will resolve issues.

I gather this is a Wired LAN if Wireless create a DHCP New Lease for wireless, a new IP. Change Channel on Wireless away from Channel 6 default.