Not available outside your network



My Plex media server is suddenly not available outside my network. I have tried every fix I could find Googling online, searching the forums, and watching YouTube videos. The one thing they all stress is having a static IP and port forwarding. I've never needed that because my router has both NAT-PMP and UPnP. However, I have configured it a dozen different ways, plus have enable and disabled every configuration of NAT and UPnP possible. Every time I go to Plex>Settings>Remote Access and click on Enable Remote Access, the server comes up for an instant and the GREEN line of text reports that the Server is Accessible Outside My Network, JUST FOR ABOUT HALF A SECOND. It quickly changes to the RED line of text and very angrily reports that the SERVER IS NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE YOUR NETWORK. I have stared at this for a total of about eight (8!) hours and am ready to give up and chuck it. I know there must be a better troubleshooting guide somewhere, but I can't find it. And I'm usually pretty good at online tech troubleshooting research. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at my wit's end.

I am running Plex Server on Window 7 with Ethernet cable to Arris TG1682 router running about 100mbs. I configure my server using Chrome browser, usually, although I've tried two other browsers with no different results.


Update: I moved my Plex Media Server to a Mac Pro 3,1 and it works like a dream now.


I'm glad you got that solved. I had the same experience and I know it's super frustrating. So, this may sound ridiculous and/or not even apply to your setup, so apologies in advance if either of those is the case, but what you described is exactly what I was experiencing, and I've always run Plex on an iMac. For the longest time everything was fine, and then it wasn't and it seemed nothing I could do would fix it. The funny thing is, although my Server Settings constantly show the red "Not available outside your network" (after 1/2 second of green) my Plex actually IS available outside my network. It just took me a long time to stumble across that fact by accident. Now I don't bother worrying about it. As I sit here my Server is showing red, but Status is showing my friend is watching a TV show from my Plex server across town at his place. Go figure. So if you start to get the same problem on your Mac, don't give up hope too quickly.