Now TV Box Plex PIN Expiry/Timeout



Just bought a Now TV Box and sideloaded Plex Classic v3.1.9 all working fine. However as soon as i go to add a plex account and generate a PIN, the code onscreen expires within 5 seconds and displays "code expired". How the heck am i supposed to connect to any server when the Plex Classic wont even leave the PIN generated on screen for more than 5 seconds and then expires? Any help would be appreciaated


I’m seeing this on my Roku Ultra as well. Anyone have an update on this? Plex??? Can’t use Plex on my newly purchased Roku Ultra… You’d think Plex would be all over this one.


This was fixed shortly after the initial report (but we must have missed updating this thread). A similar issue is happening today. We are actively investigating and will report back once it’s fixed.


The issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconvenience. Everything is working as expected.


Hi this issue is happening on my xbox one s right now. 23rd march 2017. I cant use it as pin disappears in seconds.