Nvidia Shield and Synology NAS - Plex Media Server not populating libraries.



Hi, searched through the forums a couple of times and found users with similar problems, but no good solution and was hoping for some help. I have a DS214play with all my media on there and running PMS on a Nvidia Shield Pro. I mounted my NAS on the shield and able to see the shared folders from the NAS when I create libraries and even see the files inside the folders when I click on the folders, but Plex will scan the folders and not populate the libraries.

I have tried using the admin login to mount and also created a separate Plex user login on my NAS to mount, with no change in result. It looks like PMS is able to see the folders and files but not scanning them properly and populating the libraries. SMB and NFS are both enabled.


You've explored rights, are the files named according to plex standards so that they can be found? Plex needs read rights, configuration to the correct UNC link (check this?), and access to the "scanner" named in the library appropriate for music, movies, or TV.