Nvidia Shield not pulling from TheTVDB



I've switched servers from my Pi 3 to an Nvidia shield based on the recommendations everywhere, and I can't seem to get TheTVDB to pull metadata for any shows at all. As you know, when you switch servers (hardware), the meta must be pulled again. The same files that were populating results and grabbing data fine on the Pi with TheTVDB are not successful on the Shield.

For instance, No Results Found for Ghost Adventures when choosing "Fix Incorrect Match", search options, and choosing TheTVDB. It is found with The Movie DB, but the metadata isn't correct for Specials. My naming convention is this: Show Name/Season ##/Ghost Adventures - s##e## - Episode Title.ext .

This worked fine before, but I'm not getting results now. Is this an issue with the Shield searching TheTVDB if I can still locate that content right now if the Pi 3 is my server? Is anyone else experiencing this? As a workaround, I currently have my server downloading Kodi metadata, which I'd like to not have to clog my folders up with.


Finch is there a option to use your own personal API Key? That might help.