Nvidia Shield Plex has issues playing auto converted Hi10p when max x264 level is default



Nvidia Shield Plex has Max x264 recommended level set to 5.1. If this is the case any auto converted High 10@X.X video will not play. It will just continuously buffer. The only way to get it to play is manually selecting a transcode option. The level needs to be set to 4.2 as even 5.0 will not work. During my testing I was thinking it was only the Android TV version that had this issue but when I tested on my Nexus Player that has a recommended level of 4.2 did I realize where the issue lies. However, Plex for Android (OnePlus 3T) has a recommended x264 level of 5.2 and it works fine even if I set it to level 5.1.

Also, I have noticed that between Plex for Windows, Chrome Plex App, Plex for Windows 10, and Plex for Android (Smartphone). They all give a 1080p 10/8Mbps manual transcode option, but Plex for Android TV only gives 720p @ 4Mbps and below for the below clip.

Below is a 10min sample clip for testing.