Oculus Go and Sync



Does anyone know if we will be able to sync to Oculus Go and use it for offline viewing (eg while on a plane)?


Yeah, I ordered the Go and was hoping the same thing. Seems fairly easy technically to do it, hardware seems more than capable of handling it. Probably needs some development to make it happen?


I sure hope so, primary reason I ordered the 64gb was syncing media.


I was under the impression you could but I see no way to do it in the app.


Does the Oculus show as a sync target within Plex Web? Hopefully it should once it is logged in to the server?


it does not show the Oculus as a sync target via the web app


The app tells me that there is no content of the Oculus, so there must be some way of getting it on there.


you can connect via usb and copy files from pc


You cannot Sync to any of the Plex VR apps. If you manually copy files to the device, you can then select “This Device” from the server selector and view that file.


Thanks for the tip MovieFan.Plex I have the Google Daydream View, and the Plex VR runs well, and 3D looks good too. However I have copied files to the local memory and although I can see (sometimes) the file in the list, it never plays the file (clicking play the virtual movie screen rolls down, or the virtual window blinds close, but the video screen remains black… I would love to have the Plex VR client allow local sync of the movies for offline viewing. In the absence of this, being able to ustilize offline files downloaded using the non-VR Plex client. I would suspect the file format of the original file would need to be changed to match the mobile device before sync to the device. Any other suggestions would be great. I have to fly for work and would LOVE to use my VR headset cramped on the plane.


Must be something in the codecs used by the file that our player doesn’t support. Can you share the XML metadata for one of the files that don’t play for you? Just add the file to your PMS and select Get Info > View XML from its preplay. Or if you don’t want to add it to the server you can use MediaInfo. Further instructions here.


Thanks ManuelPG,
So the original file although formatted for the screen size / mobile device, that would not play, is an MKV file. I have since optimized (on the Plex server) the file to an MP4 and then manually transferred the new optimized file from the server to the phone, and now it works.
I must admit the process a little cumbersome and required file transfer app. I am totally spoiled by how good the Normal non-VR Plex app is.
I would also add that I do not see any files I synced to the device using the Normal Plex app. Shame to have two copies of a file depending on what I have available to watch on.
One more question while in this conversation. I do not see a way to show the subtitles from the SRT file. I did transfer them to the phone also, but I cannot see an option to select.


MKV files should play, for some codecs at least. My guess is your original file had an unsupported video or audio codec, such as AC3 or DTS. But yeah the optimizer is good way to ensure files end up in a format that mobile clients can direct play without issues.

I would also add that I do not see any files I synced to the device using the Normal Plex app

Yeah some users have reported success with that in the past but personally I never got the app to see my synced files either. It’s something we would like to add proper support for in the future.

I do not see a way to show the subtitles from the SRT file

Yeah that’s not supported at the moment either. We know it’s an important limitation and we would like to address it in the not too distant future.


Having proper sync to the VR device would make use of Plex so much better. Definitely would like to see the capability added as soon as possible please


Agree., One of the main reasons I use flex is for it’s library and sorting features, side-loading negates that. Sync like with any other mobile device (Go is just running modified Android right?) would be much appreciated! Same problem with Netflix so wonder if it’s an Oculus limitation rather than Plex?