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Hello folks,

I saw the new update for Plex vr, but I still don't see anything on using Plex vr with the Oculus rift. Am I missing something here?


Me too… It says purchased and should be in my library, but it has yet to show up. Maybe I only got the GEAR VR version.
I’m so confused.


The Gear VR is made by Oculus for Samsung devices. This is not the same as the Rift. Plex VR is not available for the Rift.


Do you know if they’re working on a port for the Rift and a potential release date?


@Syllius said:
Do you know if they’re working on a port for the Rift and a potential release date?

I do not have any information on this.


This is as dumb as the Plex Cloud failed and abandoned project. Why the Gear VR when everybody has an Oculus Rift or an HTC VIVE ? I believe there is something very very bad when it comes to take decisions inside Plex company. Why on earth Gear VR when almost nobody has it ? It is like making a software for a commodore Amiga in 2018.


Not sure where you get your numbers, but Sony has roughly half the market in VR headset sales, more than HTC and Oculus combines:

Both of these are dwarfed by cheaper solutions like Samsung Gear VR and Daydream where the Gear shipped 782k units vs. Sony’s 375k in the same period (Rift sold 64k and Vive 95k then) - and that ignores Cardboard:

The numbers are about a year old, so if you’ve got more recent data I’d be curious. As a Daydream user I agree that support here first was an interesting choice over the Gear VR as an initial release, but likely more based on ease-of-evolution from the Android app rather than market share.


So I have an Oculus Rift and for sure there is not going to be any support? Why even bother making a VR version of Plex if not on some of the main platforms of VR like Vive or Rift? Is this what all that money towards development went to for those that have a Plex Pass? Just make an announcement quick on when this is going to be on Vive/Rift. No one asked for this to be on Go already. There is no need to buy another headset like Go when a lot of people already spent the money on a Vive/Rift. Plex VR should have been made for the headsets that are out already. Go development could have waited.


I completely agree with Golden Arms. Plex needs to be on Oculus Rift, not Go. The Rift has been out for 2 years now. It can’t be too hard to port over the Go version to Rift. At least give us options.


Rift & Vive are fairly big financial investments, so the passion in wanting to move those systems forward is understandable. But the bigger picture isn’t about Plex VR being specifically developed for Oculus Go, or that there is a system that’s been out for a couple of years and therefore it should be supported. Plex needs to continue growing its userbase to survive as a business.

Here’s one way to look at it: https://www.statista.com/statistics/752110/global-vr-headset-sales-by-brand/

I’m sure there are many grains of salt that need to be taken with these numbers, but if you add up the total Rift & Vive numbers, they only scratch the surface when you combine Gear VR, Daydream, and Cardboard. Why combine those three? Because it’s the type of user behind those headsets. Rift & Vive are enthusiast systems, not mainstream. To grow user numbers, there needs to be a larger pool of casual users to draw from. In consumer products, particularly with video entertainment, casual users are mainstream.

The benefit of Oculus Go is that the apps are binary compatible with Gear VR (likely with exceptions for a small number of apps which use some obscure Gear VR APIs). So the work the Plex team put into Gear VR already paid off with Go, they didn’t have to build a third VR app from scratch. Statistically, the next big group to go after would be Playstation VR users.

Disclaimer: I have a Gear VR and a Daydream View. I also went to Best Buy and bought a Go about an hour after the announcement at F8.


@cfought said:
I completely agree with Golden Arms. Plex needs to be on Oculus Rift, not Go. The Rift has been out for 2 years now. It can’t be too hard to port over the Go version to Rift. At least give us options.

Can’t be that hard? Go is Android with an ARM processor. Rift is PC-based. Not even remotely the same architecture. It would be a whole different program, not a simple port. Yes, it would be pretty hard to port it. More likely, they will have a separate version for Rift based on the now-defunct PleVR project, whose main developer they hired. Just my guess.

Until then, patience is the only option. VR is new, and it hasn’t settled into 1 or 2 dominant platforms. Until it settles out, support for a specific platform from a specific app will be spotty at best.


I have no clue if i’m hurting or helping the conversation here but I just wanted to throw out my support for PlexVR to be offered on Oculus Rift. Not sure how Plex decides what gets the most resources allocated to it but it seems like at least a few users would find it nice to have!


+1 for Rift


Came here hoping that I would find Plex for the Rift. Hopefully, Plex doesn’t forget about us and our Rifts. Definitely not the solution, but you can use Big Screen with the Rift to watch your Plex shows.


I play Plex on my Vive through BigScreen beta. BigScreen beta is free.

I open Plex in full screen my web browser, and mirror my screen in BigScreen. Works great with 3d movies too.


So, I think I know why there isn’t a push by Plex to get a VR app on Rift or Vive.

Both the Rift and Vive are largly used at home, meaning you can access Plex through your local network. Almost all video players I have tried allow you to access plex as a media server so there is little need for a dedicated app.

Oculus Go/Gear VR and Daydream devices are designed for use away from home, where there is a need for a dedicated app to access files on your Plex server.

While there is an obvious usecase for people wanting to access movies on other people’s server through Rift, Vive or even PSVR, this is a small minority of users and even in this case, you can use either the Windows app or a web browser in a virtual desktop app to view and watch videos. Yes its a work around but it works and you get almost the exact same experience.

While an app would be nice, I really don’t see one happening anytime in the near future.


I get that Plex VR on Oculus Go/Android/Playstation VR devices is not the same thing as Plex VR for Oculus Rift or Vive for that matter but is there any definitive answer from Plex as to whether or not there are any plans to release a Rift/Vive VR version in the future? If there are, how long would they expect to get a product to market? Even if it is a beta product. The last comment from a Plex Employee was over a week ago that they do not have any information on this. A straight up answer would be preferred.


Plex never comments on new features, let alone gives a timeline. There won’t be an update until they announce that the feature is ready, I’m afraid.


Just adding my two cents to the community. I have an Oculus Rift and I’d absolutely love to see a Plex App in the Rift store.


+1 for Rift. I do not care who has the market shares, and neither should you. Plex’s actual paying USERS are here, and they have SPOKEN!