Odd DNS issue with art/posters in v1.1.4.2757



Hi folks,

Having a weird issue after upgrading the server to v1.1.4.2757. When adding new movies the posters weren't being displayed. Editing the item I can see there are various posters available but none are showing their graphic (i.e. just small empty boxes). Went to the file system, renamed one of the files to .jpg and it opened fine as an image from explorer. No errors in the logs either.

Finally noticed a whole lot of errors in Chrome along these lines:
http://devpc:32400/media/providers?X-Plex-Product=Plex%20Web&X-Plex-Version…%20Web%20%28Chrome%29&X-Plex-Device-Screen-Resolution=1920x988%2C1920x1080 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).

On the server if I change the address to the image loads, but using the PC's name from any other PC results in the 404 for the poster.

NOTE: this only affects the poster, everything else is fine including movie playback.

If I'm on the plex server using it successfully caches all the posters and the client is then also able to see the posters.

Anyone have any clue what might be causing this?



Is this only when using a hostname to access the server through plex web ?
Trying to figure out where devpc came from - hostname would not be used internally by plex media server
Is devpc the computer name ?

Could you provide full log files covering adding a new movie and up to time when you notice it is wrong.
Please zip the logs folder and attach