Offline music playlists broken again since last update



So yesterday the plex app got an update in the app store.
This morning when i wanted to play my playlist that is synced to my phone i could not start playing a song.
I can however start the playlist as a whole, but i cannot choose a specific song to start from.

I remember this issue was the same a while back on an previous release.

Such a shame that plex pass features keep breaking :(


For reference my latest version is plex ios version 4.9.


It seems like I am having the same problem, but it actually cleared my entire playlist out which in turn cleared my sync'd playlist as well.


I am having the same issue where you can play the synced playlist but selecting a specific song is a no go. I use plex for bluetooth music in my truck and this is very frustrating. I updated the server and deleted/reinstalled the app to no avail.


Same Problem here (iPhone6).

already deleted all content,
deleted (all) playlist(s),
re-installed plex
still not working

maybe a problem after implementing 3D-touch ????

I paid for a live-time plex pass .....


It seems they fixed this issue in today's update.
After 2 months it was about time...

I can confirm its working for me atm.