Older catalog items appearing in "Recently Added" panels + Content from unassociated folders



PMS / nVidia Shield Pro / External Storage on SMB server.

I have multiple nVidia Shield servers each exhibiting this behavior.

Each nVidia pulls from the same location.

Each nVidia exhibits this behavior in different libraries.


Shield#1: Star Trek Voyager is now listed in the Recently Added panel for my TV library but was added years ago. No new content added to the folder and no changes to the folder list for the library. This is not happening on Shield #2.

Shield #2: the entire sub-folder "V" which holds the full length motion pictures that start with the letter "V" is appearing in the Recently Added panel with no new content or file modifications yet every single movie in the folder is now appearing as new content. This is not happening on Shield#1.

If it was happening on both Shield #1 and Shield#2 in the same place at the same time then I would question the file storage but it does not.

Sometimes it pulls content from folders that are not associated with that specific library. It just decides to add it in on it's own. Why are my concerts that start with the letter "D" showing up in my "Seasonal - Holiday Movies" library? It's certainly not listed as a source folder when I go to the 'Edit' function to check the folder listings but it sure as $h1t is sitting there in the library when I went to watch some Christmas movies with the family.

Sometimes it clears up after running a scan on the library, sometimes not. I have so far been unable to replicate the behavior.

Has anyone else had content just randomly appear as new even though it's been in your library for years?

Not amused.


Now I have TV shows showing up in Movie libraries when the TV folders are not associated with the Movies library.


What you describe is odd, but it’s hard to say what could be causing it. Here are a few things you could check.

  • scanner and server logs to see if there was a scan that read something wrong
  • comparing xml between the different servers
  • compare server settings to see if something is different

Would need more information on how your network and storage are set up.


All content is hosted via directly attached storage volumes to a Mac Mini 2012 running macOS 10.12.6 and Server 5.2 to provide SMB and AFP sharing services to machines on the local network. Everything connects to a Cisco SG300-28PP and then up to the service router from my Internet provider.

Both nVidia Shield Pro units connect to the MacMini Server using SMB and the same user/password set up for sharing files to/for those devices.

Both nVidia Shield units are running PMS and the most current nVidia Shield update package available at the time was released.

I have inspected the file date for the most recent anomaly (Married with Children) and it was added to the collection on Jul 10, 2017 but last week Shield#2 thinks it’s a newly added TV show and appears on the dashboard as such. It does not appear on the dashboard for Shield#1.

Both Shield#1 and Shield#2 continue to add content from folders on the drives that are not associated with any of the libraries and this has forced me to move non-content files off of the storage arrays onto other media so my friends and family are not subjected to content that they have requested NOT be included in specific libraries and accessible from their accounts. The last thing I need is my pre-teen nieces having access to such cinema masterpieces as “Death Machines” or “Cannibal Holocaust” or anything in the low-budget horror movie genre. I’m sure you can understand why.

With items you suggest I check, I’d be happy to if you could tell me how to access them and what to look for.


If these things happened recently, there may be info in the logs. The scanner log will show what folders got scanned and what files were found, as well as if its new or not.

@HVKStudios said:
Both Shield#1 and Shield#2 continue to add content from folders on the drives that are not associated with any of the libraries
This is not something I’ve seen. If you can add 1 of these back onto the drive and recreate the problem, again, the scanner log will indicate what if found. I’ve never heard of the scanner looking in folders that were not part of the library.

Edit - You can get all the logs using Plex Web and going to Settings \ Server \ Help \ Download logs. The log files are just plain text files.