On deck version storage location for optimize files



I have a FreeNAS system with a plex VM running in it. I am fairly new to plex and FreeBSD both and have made a few mistakes while trying out all the different settings to see what they do.
the system has read access to the media library, and full read/write access to a folder /mnt/transcode. I want to point all my optimization to that folder because it is an SSD instead of the raid array my media resides on. I'm assuming this will give me better transcode and optimize performance as well as the potential to get more streams running at one time.
when I go to any given item and choose Optimize I have options for multiple locations, but if I attempt to do this with a generated folder such as 'ON DECK' i only have the option of 'In folders with original items'.
I believe my permissions are working correctly for the /mnt/transcode location because if I select single items they are put there without issue. I can see the file in the correct location over my network, it is smaller than the original file, and it plays without issue.

Am I missing something simple that makes it possible to choose the other folder locations for 'on deck'?

I did try to find the answer to this question and just constantly found answers that seemed to say it should just work as I want it to, but none of them was this exact situation.


I probably have this in the wrong section, so if someone knows how to move it, and where I should put it please let me know.