on microsoft edge



how do you place the plex it button on the toolbar


I got the Plex it button on the Microsoft Edge toolbar when I imported my favorites from Internet Explorer to Edge. and it is working good.
But, I would also like to know how to do it, in case I ever lose it. I have not found any other way to put Plex it on the Edge toolbar.




Know how to do it with Internet Explorer, but you can not drag it to the bookmark bar on Microsoft Edge.
If it wasn't for being imported from Explorer, I would not know how to put it on the toolbar for Edge.


Sorry, I wasn't aware that Edge doesn't support such a simple thing like bookmarklets.

Workaround here (disclaimer: I haven't tested this with PlexIt!):


Thanks a lot for the link!
Like I said, I have Plex it on my toolbar, but I will test out the workarounds from itworld to see if they work.
Yes it's hard to believe that little things like this was overlooked in win 10, but over all I love win 10. My computer runs better that the day I got it, and have only a couple of little things like this, that I had to find a work around for. It's not like Explorer or Chrome... was perfect.


Nobody prevents you from installing Chrome on Win 10...




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