Once again: No subtitles!



Suddenly, the iOS and the Apple TV app will no longer display the subtitles embedded in my m4vs. The apps correctly list in the pre-play screens that the subtitles are present, but they are not shown when playing back the movie. Also, the subtitles displays nicely using Plex Web on my iPhone.

This has worked well before (maybe a regression in the apps or a recent PMS version (likely the 1.4 series) - I am now on the newest PlexPass one). Being a Plex veteran, I have seen this break from time to time - each time, it is very annoying so please fix asap!


Gentle bump


Support, please?!


Do you still have problem? What type of subtitles are you using (mov_text?). Can you send me the file details from Get info or the View xml file to check to my server?


Sorry for not responding! It seems that the issues have resolved themselves somehow :) Thanks for your willingness to help!