One stereo channel missing? Chromecast Audio + Plex web server and player on OSX



Help !

A new setup.

Plex server and player on OSX with Plex transcoding FLAC on the fly and casting to -->

CCAudio 3.5mm to RCA into a stereo amp -->

The amp then plays one channel of 2 only .

If I go to Chrome browser casting radio to the CCAudio I immediately get 2 channels.

Plex seems awesome and there is so much i don't know...

CCAudio was the cheapest DAC I could get PLUS it offered WiFi streaming to bring the 90s amp into the 21C... I can't go back to Mac laptop speakers now.


I have the same problem. One channel either doesn't play or is very faint. CCaudio is ok & so is my stereo. I don't have any problems casting from other apps.