OpenPHT Black Edition: "dynamic fanart" possible?




Just a freaky question:
I made a channel that basically streams an mp3 radio station trough my Plex OpenPHT client (you will find a version of this plugin attached).

Black Edition skin shows information of the currently streaming artist - which is really great, thanx for that!
Now just stretching the expertise of the developers :slight_smile:
Is it possible to show a dynamic background, displaying fanart of the album artist when streaming a song?

In example, if you go to and choose a radio station, the web player shows fanart in the background.

OpenPHT with Black Editions skin (and my radio station plugin):

It would really be great to do the same thing on the Black Edition skin!
Can this be done? Having a dynamic background based on the currently playing artist?

Maybe this has to be achieved in my plugin code, so if someone can point me to some examples how to achieve this, this also would be great!

Kind regards,


Nice plugin, thanks.
Dynamic fanart would indeed be awsome.


Small bug in plugin: Qmusic uses the NL url instead of the BE ;)
Changed it myself.