Optimize TV Shows Question



The main question: I have a TV show I just watched and as soon as I am done Plex re-optimizes that same exact episode (I assume it deleted it and then another rule fired off to re-optimize it). So I'm trying to figure out if there is a way around this, just keep the optimized version OR don't create a second optimized version.

Plex Server Windows build with - My server is a little older (iMac but running Windows 7 in bootcamp mode - don't ask, long story, separate thread) so I optimize all my TV shows and movies that I plan on watching. This is about TV shows as I don't see this happen on Movies as such (and usually I'm done watching the movie I don't necessarily want to see it again for a while).

Optimize Rules (these are listed below in the same hierarchy I have them set in the Optimized Rules list

1. On Deck - This optimized all On Deck items with the following settings. I use this to optimize shows I'm actively watching
* Unwatched Only UNCHECKED
* Limit to "10" items CHECKED
* Optimized for TV
* In Original Folders

2. Recently Aired - The optimized all Recently Aired items with the following settings. I use this for TV shows that either a) are on a long hiatus (winter) but I actively watch and fall off the 10 week On Deck limit I have set or b) shows that I've just added and will watch soonish (and thus be added to On Deck eventually) or c) shows that are one-offs and I'll watch soon but probably won't go to On Deck as it's just 1 episode of something I wanna see or a special report type thing
* Unwatched Only UNCHECKED
* Limit to "10" items CHECKED
* Optimized for TV
* In Original Folders

3. No other rules for this particular example.

Season 3 Episode 6 of The Expanse is added. Plex automatically creates a TV optimized version of it because of Rule #1 - On Deck. I watch this episode. Look at the server and immediately see the shows optimized version is deleted. Then immediately the Rule #2 kicks in (because this show dropped within a few days) and sees that S03E06 of The Expanse has no Optimized version thus this rule starts creating an optimized version of this show per it's own settings.

Now what I'm trying to accomplish is to keep the optimized version of that show thus Rule #2 doesn't immediately optimize it OR have Rule #2 ignore this because I've already watched it. I was under the impression from reading through some forum entries that UNCHECKING "Unwatched Only" will not delete an optimized show/movie that you've watched. It will just keep that until you manually delete it or delete the Rule that created it. Is that not the case? If that was true then Rule #1 would NOT delete the optimized version thus Rule #2 would see an Optimized version and skip it (which I'm fine with). I'm trying to lessen the load on my server and Optimizing shows that I've just watched is not helping.

Now the other side to this is I don't mind keeping the version because I have kids or friends that stream from me from time to time and they might watch the same series and having the Optimized is very helpful in this case. So it looks to me like 2 situations could help but I need some advice:

Theory 1)
I move Rule #2 - Recently Aired - UP the hierarchy and Rule #1 - On Deck- DOWN, then set Rule #1 to Unwatched Only CHECKED and on Rule #2 set Limit to "x" items UNCHECKED. Thus original Rule #2 - Recently Aired - generates the original Optimized version, original Rule #1 - On Deck - sees an already existing version and skips it. Then I watch the show. Then original Rule #1 - On Deck - deletes the show I watched and no subsequent rules kick in and thus no second optimization happens (unless the rule set loops and I'm screwed at that point)

Theory 2)
I leave the rules as they exist in the hierarchy and change Rule #2 - Recently Aired - to Unwatched Only CHECKED. I add the show, Rule #1 - On Deck - creates the optimized version, Rule #2 - Recently Aired - sees the version and skips it, I watch the show, then the optimized version gets deleted (still not sure why this happens) and Rule #2 sees that it's been WATCHED and thus fails it's check and doesn't create a second optimized version of that same show.

I'm not sure which one of these will do what I want (if either, really) and/or why the optimized versions get deleted in the first place (some setting somewhere else that I'm missing???).

Any suggestions, comments are welcome.