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I was rather happy to see the new plex app for Panasonic TVs but I've got a slight issue regarding using it for playing back my movies, it is trying to transcode them h265->h264.

The films are MP4 (H265) and stored on a Synology 1815+ with the TV being a Panasonic TX-CX700B, for some reason this causes the Plex app to try and transcode to h264 which is rather problematic for the 1815+ as CPU usage hits 100% but what makes it even odder is if I access the same film via the Synology Media server it doesn't try to transcode and thus the CPU usage stays no higher than 15%.


Same thing here, 4K HEVC gets transcoded to H264 on a Panasonic TX-58DXF787 (a version of TX-58DXW784).


Hi @Embattle and @weisselstone, thanks for letting us know about these issues. Panasonic TVs should be able to play hevc encoded video without transcoding.

Have you followed the video playback tips shared in

This bit in particular might be relevant:

Setting a streaming quality value lower than the content’s bitrate will cause the video to be transcoded. Most devices can handle streams with peak bitrates < 20Mbps. Some devices can handle higher quality transcodes or remuxes.

You can check the maximum quality for local and remote content by going into the user menu (at the top right corner of the app), then Settings > Video > Local Quality and Remote Quality.

Please also note that the app currently does not support 4K/HDR playback so you may find issues when attempting to playback that content.

If you find that the application is still transcoding your content, even after having adjusted the video settings, it would be very useful if you could provide me with a sample file for testing or, at least, a detailed listing of the container/codecs used by the file.


So in the Panasonic plex app I set both Local and Remote quality to original with Direct play and Direct stream selected as well but Blade Runner 2049 still shows up as trancoding (265->264), if I use my chromecast on a older LG TV it won’t transcode the exact same file.

I’ve attached a txt file with the encoding info in it.


@pcalves said:
Please also note that the app currently does not support 4K/HDR playback so you may find issues when attempting to playback that content.
Thank you for your fast answer. This explains my experience. I already expected this after I saw the following in Plex Media Server.log
Jun 15, 2018 21:44:44.837 [0x7f5643bfd700] DEBUG - Moviename - video.width limitation applies: 3840 > 1920


I notice there has been a forum upgrade, it might of wiped out the txt file I attached above for the encoding info from Blade Runner 2049.

2049.txt (9.2 KB)


Regarding the transcoding issue. I noticed lots of videos transcoding and after investigating I found that the H.264 level was set to 4.0 in the Pansonic App settings. Changing this to a higher setting stopped the videos transcoding on my server.


Hi thanks for the suggestion, I did try some other levels but it still seems to be trying to transcode down to h264.


I see the same behaviour when attempting to play any 1080p content. I’ve tried upping the h.264 level to no avail. Direct Stream and play are both on.

720p content seems to play fine. My media server is a 2010 Mac Mini and the TV is a 2015 CX802b.

Going back to my usual method of using the Mac as both a server and a client is fine, however it would be nice to be able to use the TV directly particularly as/when 4k support is added as the Mac is not up to playing 4k content.


Same here. I just installed the Plex App on my Pana TV. But every 720p/1080p will be transcoded down. Settings for Video Quality is set to Maximum, as always. Audio is AC3 + DTS activated. AC3 works fine, DTS has not Sound on the TV.
4K doesnt work, as i know its not supported yet. But hopefully in the next Updates.

Here’s a Info of the Videofile, which always be transcoded down. Not only this Movie, all my Movies (720p & 1080p) will be transcoded down by the Plex App on my Pana TV.

Codec H264
Bitrate 3554 kbps
Bit Depth 8
Chroma Location left
Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
Color Primaries bt709
Color Range tv
Color Space bt709
Color Trc bt709
Frame Rate 23.976 fps
Height 780
Level 4.1
Profile high
Ref Frames 3
Scan Type progressive
Width 1440

Codec AC3
Sender 5.1
Bitrate 448 kbps
Sprache Deutsch
Audio Channel Layout 5.1(side)
Sampling Rate 48000 Hz

Normally i use a Nvidia Shield TV 4K, which works very nice, even for 4K Content.
Hopefully i can use the same benefits on the Plex App for my Pana TV sometime.


Any News about the App for Pana TVs?


There seems to be very little so far.


Rather bring some new and useless features instead of fixing all the bugs.