Panasonic surround sound



Looks like my Panasonic EX730 may have some of the same issues as other platforms, enable Dolby/DTS and I get no audio over ARC, disable them and I get stereo sound only. Netflix happily outputs 5.1 just fine.

When the options are disabled the Plex server is transcoding the audio to AAC 5.1 from DTS or AC3, but the TV only outputs 2 channels to the receiver. When enabled it says it's using Direct Stream.

FWIW the Xbox One and Shield TV both output everything perfectly but as the Shield TV is purely a Plex device for me, it'd be good to be able to retire it.

Any ideas? Is this a bug/feature?

Edit: Tried the optical output instead, exactly the same result.


Bump. No one else having audio issues with Panasonic?


I have the same problem, did you solve it?


No, judging by the deafening silence I suspect it’s a known issue that is unlikely to be resolved, possibly licensing related.

Plex Audio Ausgabe von TV über AV Reciver - nur Stereo

Yes having same issue no 5.1 or DTS streaming from Plex app on Panasonic TV to my AV Amp, Anyone managed to get it to work yet?


Same - no 5.1 directly via (2.0 stereo) Panasonic TV (Plex client app).

ETA : Looks to be a limitation with passthrough on 2.0 TV :frowning: .

No problems with Plex client on Chromecast Ultra or PS4 connected to Panasonic Home Theatre (5.1). If only there was a way to install Plex client on the Home Theatre…


same Problem (Panasonix TX-50DXW784) :roll_eyes::sob:

very Bad … no good Sound … why not fixed?


Same problem here anyone knows going on please


I dont use a AVR for now. I’m watching my Movies only at my Pana. All my Movies has a AC3 1.0 - 5.1. I’ve tested some Movies with AC3 5.1 and works fine. The AC3 is played directly, no transcode. Did you guys set the Audio Options to MAX / ORIGINAL ?


The plex APP shows me the sound 5.1 synonymous … but the AVR outputs only stereo …

can somehow debug and look at a developer?


What do you mean with synonymous?
Did you checked the Options on your AVR?


yes AVR checked … Netflix Play 5.1. only Plex not.

Plex Show playing title 5.1. (thats Shows by change language)