PBS Kids channel on Live TV is constantly giving me errors, and it isn't a signal issue



I have a very weird issue that I don't understand. Where I live, channel 13 is PBS (Public Broadcasting System). This is a very important station as it is funded through donations and taxes and thus provides lots of important content; most notably educational programming for children.

For some reason, on any of the Plex apps, 13.2 is giving me error messages when I try to tune to it. It can be from my phone (Android), from my Shield TV, or from my iPad. However, the issue never rears its ugly head from the actual Windows 10 server PC that Plex server (and the TV tuner) is installed on. I can always watch the station just fine on a normal TV's coax input, or the Plex web interface on the server. It seems like just the apps give this issue.

The oddest thing is that channel 13.1 and 13.3 work fine. Just 13.2 constantly gives me generic error messages like "unable to connect" and once in a while it says something about live recording error which doesn't make sense because I am not trying to record anything and my PCI TV tuner card has 4 tuners anyway.

The weirdest thing is that SOMETIMES my phone or ShieldTV will let me connect to the station, but it's very rare (maybe 1 in 30 tries). I am fresh out of ideas as to what it could be. It's definitely not a signal issue as Windows Media Center reports the signal strength at 100% and I never have a problem watching the station from the server itself.

Any ideas as to what I could try would be greatly appreciated!


Anyone ?