Performance for 16 vs 500 shields



I've been mulling my options to replace my 2009 Mac Mini server, because, well, it's from 2009 and I don't want to hit a decade, lol. Trying to narrow down options between a NUC and a Shield, and very much leaning towards the Shield from everything I've read. I also saw that there is a beta PMS version that resolves one of the few remaining limitations with the Shield server, allowing metadata to be stored on adoptable storage instead of just the internal, so yay.

My question is, though: is there a performance gain from the 16GB version over the 500GB version? It seems to be flash storage vs. spinning disk storage, and I would tend to think the 16GB would perform faster. If the $100 difference is not a concern at all (I do tend to keep my servers for a long time, it seems, and hey, still a lot cheaper than a decent NUC), and I'm only concerned about performance, would you guys recommend going with the 16GB over the 500 GB now?


I love the Shield. It’s the 500gb version. Had it around a year. Small and unobtrusive it sleeps and wakes easily, using little standby power. It works great as both Plex Server and client as well as serving my iOS and Fire TV devices. I find it very responsive too. Just got my daughter the 16gb model which is even smaller. Can’t seem to get the 500gb version now here in the UK. Discontinued? Aside from the internal drive and memory slot, I don’t think there is any performance difference between the models. Also, very pleased to hear about the Plex database storage being moved out of protected storage. About time! Now we can back it up and restore it. Hope some of this helps.