Performance issues?



I started testing Sonos today
2 Sonos Play 1 speakers
Windows PC Laptop Running latest version of Plex Server
Controlled using Sonos Android App

Using every locally over lan/wifi, I find the UX very sluggish at best and get frequently "Unable to Contact the Plex Media...". When it works clicking "By artist" will produce a ~7 second spinning progress wheel, then clicking al album the same.
The Laptop is not very modern but is not running any where near limit and actually plex cpu is very modest. Also if I use the web app from another PC, plex works just fine.

Anybody has some recommendation? Appreciate your patience havent used plex for some years


I just tested with Sonos client on a separate PC (instead of android sonos app). Results are a bit better. Every click on the navigation artist > artist name > album > songs > add song will result in a ~5 second delay