Photo folder backgrounds not shown



I’ve recently been adding a poster and background to each of my photo folder’s in Plex but whilst browsing them today the background artwork is not shown -there’s just a big space where it should be. How can I fix this?

Having moved away from iPhoto I decided to spend a while organising my photo collection in Plex. Plex runs on my Mac by the main user and the photographs are saved in the standard Photo’s folder in the user’s Home folder. Within each photo folder, I created a 1000px by 1000px jpg for the folder image and a 21:9 jpg image for the background with each background image being 1000px or less in height.

On the Plex web interface, I then edited each folder and dragged the corresponding image over and it all loaded worked successfully. However, a few days later whilst viewing the folders I’ve noticed that although the folder images remain, the background images are not shown. There is just a large empty space where they should be. This is the same for every folder I edited.

Is there a way to get them back and have them remain -I don’t mind editing them again but its pointless if they keep disappearing. Alternatively, is there a plug-in or feature for local assets for photo folders like there is for Movie and Music art-work?


Just noticed -I opened the Plex Media Player app on my Mac and all the folders that I've edited have lost their image. Only the unedited, randomly chosen by Plex ones appear. :-(