Photo slideshow on ATV4




I am starting with Plex on ATV4.
Is it possible to start a Slideshow on the Plex app for ATV4?



... wondering the same thing... anyone with an ATV4?


Would appreciate if someone can answer this question since there is no guide for the Apple TV app yet.


I am also looking for this feature but it doesn't look like a slideshow is possible at this point unless someone knows of a setting?


Indeed, it is frustrating that there is no slideshow option. It works fine on the Plex Theatre on the PC but not on ATV4. I need to manually move through the photos.


I'd also like this feature to be implemented in the next release.


Me too, please add it.


I'll pay for this option !!! Just a simple auto step-through looping slideshow that would display a photo for 5 seconds, automatically display the next photo and repeat from start.


I would love that also...


I'm sure it's coming in time, but I think right now development is focusing on the core aspects of the client. Things like home video and photos usually from what I read on other clients are done last. Remember, this client is still a newborn baby and will grow nicely as time passes.


... its a shame that all media besides movies and tv shows are completely neglected over here at plex (not just within the new ATV)

There's neither a fancy solution for photo slide shows nor home video clips (lots of shortest footage)


I also would like a slide show option for photos. Is it close? Is it on the agenda?


An update from Plex staff on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks


You can't start a slideshow.

So it makes no points to use plex for photos, since this is an essential feature


So, if Plex has given up on photos, does anyone have an idea for an app that presents photos in a slideshow? There seems to be no existing app in the Apple TV 4 App Store.

I keep thinking it must be me: I am truly surprised at this huge gap in the market.


With Plex I have the same problem.
Even Apple's own slideshow is not working properly.
Now I use ~~Kodi~~ MrMC: it does the randomized recursive slideshow over all folders and photos exactly as I want.


Please, the slideshow!


slideshow please


Slideshow yet?


Still no slideshow.....