Photos on Apple TV hardly working at all with Synology NAS Plex Server



Does anyone have a problem with the speed of displaying photos on Apple TV? I run Plex server on a Synology NAS with Atom CPU, which is not particularly powerful. In fact, even on my iPhone 7 the speed leaves a lot to desire. Is it possible to configure Plex to send pictures to the player "as is" and let the player do the resizing as it considers fit? That should be a lot faster. By the way, that's how Synology's Photos app apparently works. The photos in the native app show almost instantaneously.


Synology for you, QNAP for me! New photos I add won't open for me either. I'm not sure if this is since tvOS 11 installs because the issue is on all 4 Apple TV 4 units, either that or related to PMS updates 1.9.2 or 1.9.3. Thumbnails show in recently added, but click to open just gives the spinning wheel forever. It's fine on my iPhone iOS 11.


On the AppleTV, I have found that I have to go into the Photos library and then the photos show up fine. But I’m not using an NAS either so your experience might vary from there as well.


Yup... I too can access photos from my Photos library. But thumbnails via Recently Added on the home screen fail to open!