Photos Saving and Sharing on Android app is not working !!!



Nexus 6P
Latest Plex version

If I select "Save" I get a message that says "successfully saved image", but when I go the the Plex folder in my gallery on the phone, I just get a grey image with zero byte size image

it only works through WIFI in the same netowrk but not cellular data or wifi outside the network

cannot save and cannot share ?? WTH are we paying for plex pass and wasting money for such crap
many users are having the same issue ,, have you ever thought of fixing it PLEX !!

this is so annoying :)


anyone .. any updates?


where are the support team !! this is rediculous


Same issue here... anyone have an update?


I think its fixed with the newer version of the apps


@msaithan said:
I think its fixed with the newer version of the apps

I’m on the latest version as of today 5th Jan 2017 (version and I’m having the same issue, cannot share it returns an error message that says “The file you picked was no ta photo” even though it’s a .jpg file and when I try to save it and view it in gallery I get a grey screen that cannot view the photo in my gallery (see attached screenshots)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Any update on this issue? I experience the same thing .. browse to photos in the Android app, select desired photo, select the options menu (three vertical dots), select save and only a 0 (zero) byte 'file' is saved.

My setup:
Plex Media Server for Windows version
Plex Android app version (bb34b27a)


Same problem here. Super disappointing to see that this huge issue from nearly a year ago is still there.

Android 8.1.0
Phone: Pixel 2 XL
Plex Android: (974b0628)


Could you post logs here from the app after downloading a couple of images? How to capture logs from device:


Sorry! I didn’t realize I forgot to respond to you. I tried sharing out and saving a bunch of pictures just now and it still has the black screen. I would really appreciate you taking a look at the logs I uploaded and seeing if you could see anything wrong. Sorry again that it has taken so long.

Here’s the part of the log that appears to be relevant:

This appears to be the most relevant part:

05-28 11:45:29.750 i: [UserAction] Select menu item: Save.
05-28 11:45:29.752 i: [PermissionController] android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission has been granted.
05-28 11:45:29.754 i: [SaveBitmapAsyncTask] Downloading image to external storage
05-28 11:45:29.755 i: Fetching [method:GET] https://[IP]:32400/library/parts/119764/1298920558/file.jpg?X-Plex-Token=…4aZt
05-28 11:45:29.801 e: Error fetching https://[IP]:32400/library/parts/119764/1298920558/file.jpg?X-Plex-Token=…4aZt:

Bad Request

400 Bad Request

05-28 11:45:29.802 i: [DownloadImageAsyncTask] Successfully wrote image to file /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/Plex/my_image_2.jpg 05-28 11:45:29.803 i: Showing toast: Successfully saved image

Looking at the plex logs myself, I think I see my issue. The request for the picture is requested as https://[IP]:[P]/[PATH]/file.jpg?X-Plex-Token=…4aZt when it needs to be requested as https://[IP]:[P]/[PATH]/file.jpg?download=1&X-Plex-Token=…4aZt

Without that download get parameter, the request returns a 400 Bad Request, even when everything else is right. To verify this, I went to plex on my computer, then to a picture. I clicked the 3 dots and right clicked Download and copy link address. Looking at this link verified that download is a get parameter on the website version of the Plex client. Removing download=1& from the URL returns “400 Bad Request” but adding it lets me download the picture. I’m certain that this must be the problem. How can we go about fixing it?