Does the metadata agent do anything?
I am trying to get my photos displayed in some kind of order. However, after adding them, they all photos are displayed under the year 2011 without any hierarchy. However, file creation date and exif data are all correct (and not 2011, but between 1992 and 2010). They photos originate from F-Spot and are in a year-month-day folder hierarchy. The top level folders are displayed in the plex media manager, but not when viewing with a (Mac) client. Is anybody using the photos feature? Searching the documentation and the forums was not very yielding as photos seems to be the step child in the Plex family...



i'm happy to see that someone else than me seems to be interested in photo sections too ;)

i really like to show photos on my samsung tv and i've used plex photo plugin and shared folders to do so until i've discovered the photo sections. unfortunately it seems that this is in early development. i'm running the PMS on my Qnap NAS, client on mac book pro (SL) and ipad2 (ios 5).

i've the following issues/remarks:

- scanning folders takes a very long time (up to hours)

- exif data seems not read/used (only the filter all, year, recently added available)

- on mac client the order is descending and therefore slideshow are reverse

- the only (real) filter "year" works incorrect, it seems the modified date is wrongly used

with the wrong order it's unusable for me at the moment. and i would really like to have more possible filters e.g. by keywords.

the latest ios app which supports photo sections now (i bought the previous version for the reason to browse my photo library and was very disappointed) is also not much usable for me. to go to the next photo takes too long, it shows the ugly stretched thumb for 2-3 seconds. sure transcoding takes some time (atom cpu not that powerful) and transmission too, but this could be solved by pre loading the next image. even after going back and forward again the cached (as it seems) image will not be displayed immediately.

i hope there will be a bit more development in this direction in the future.




I'm really missing the use of EXIF and other metadata in the Photo section aswell. It should be possible to filter/categorize your images based on Geo-location, date/time and all the other usefull metadata that modern cameras provide. I want Plex to fullfill all my streaming needs, and make all my personal (and commercial) media available on all my devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs) no matter my location. Plex is the closest solution so far...


Yes, please!

At least get the year from EXIF, but I'd also like the rest of EXIF and IPTC (and XMP?) tags recognized.




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Yes, please!

At least get the year from EXIF, but I'd also like the rest of EXIF and IPTC (and XMP?) tags recognized.