PHT on Ubuntu 15.10 OS : Acer Revo RL70 (Radeon) - Frame rate and audio sync issues




As the title suggests, I have PHT ( installed on an Acer Revo RL70 with 3Gb RAM and the Radeon HD 6320 graphics chipset. All on Ubuntu 15.10.

I've noticed that for some videos the frame rate is noticeably poor, particularly on panning shots, and the audio falls out of sync; it seems like the video can't "keep up" with the audio.

I've set it the proprietary graphics driver from fglrx, which doesn't make any difference compared to XOrg.

I'm using the same machine as Plex MediaServer. I've verified that if I stream content to another machine the playback is fine.

Anyone got any advice on how to fix this? Anyone got the same box and had the same issues?


Where do I get and how do I install this on my Ubuntu 15xxx