Picture-in-Picture (PiP) On Android Oreo 8.0?



I absolutely love Plex. Using it everyday on my Pixel 2. Soon all of the Galaxy S8 will get Oreo and numerous flagship phones. But still We did not get PIP which is a basic feature on Oreo. What is going on? Is it being tested? Are any of the Plex team members even here to comment?


PIP works if you don’t use the app but use the web…


@nokdim said:
PIP works if you don’t use the app but use the web…

Interesting, But why wouldn’t it work on the app? If you look at the app’s premissions within the Android settings app, you can see that it is allowed to use PIP. But makes no use of it. Anyone from the Plex team cares to address this?


Bump - PIP for Android Mobile?


Bump, would love this feature + background play option for Plex video on Android.



@nokdim said:
PIP works if you don’t use the app but use the web…

Not much help if watching local offline content. Shame this does not work but the android app is a bit messy and buggy. It could use a refresh and they might as well add this feature.


I agree… wish the Android Mobile and TV app supported PIP, however they really, really need to fix .srt subtitles not working… that is my main issue, along with some file sync problems.


Hi, this would be a great help for me, to prevent having to leave playback to use other apps.
I’ve noticed Emby does this as I’m currently trialling it as an alternative to Plex… still in limbo between the two though.
Has anyone in the Plex team provided feedback on this yet?


Nothing? No response whatsoever on this?

I can see why people give up using these forums.


Bump - This is my biggest feature request. PIP on android oreo!


Looking at the docs for this is seems relatively straight forward to implement.

Really hope this can be added soon, absolutely love the feature on other apps like the twitch app so that I don’t have to stop and start what I’m watching just to check a text or something.