Picture Library - Need a close button




apologies if I'm doing something wrong but I have a bit of a issue. Maybe its how I'm using it or maybe it can be something that you can add.

I have plex installed om my Samsung tv (UA55JU6600) and streaming from my media server pc. I have a section for home images. All works fine except for an annoying "function".

I have my images set up on my server as:


So In plex (on my TV) i will select my photos then i will be in folder view to see the years. say i go to 2017 and say a subfolder of "birthday" and then all my bday pics are in there. I will open up a pic to make it full screen. Now i want return to the previous page where all the bday pics are and just continue to pass a few and maximize a certain picture again.

But when i hit the return button it goes back to the subfolder page and shows me all the subfolders again. Then I have to select Bday again and scroll back to the location where I was last. If you have 100s of pics in here its very annoying and you can't actually full screen any picture because you will have to come back in and scroll down again.

On my PC if you open an image there's an actual "close player" button. Is it possible to have the same or use any of the colour buttons as a close button? That would be so awesome. Or am I missing something?