Planned Features and Known Issues



As hard as we've been working on Plex for Kodi, we still weren't able to get everything planned for the app ready for the initial release. As such there are several things that we know we'll be working hard to bring in future releases as quickly as possible.

Note: This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list, nor is it in a "priority" order. However, we want to provide a higher-level list of functionality that's planned, as well as known issues. It should go without saying that we're working to bring as much feature parity with other apps as possible.

Planned Features #

  • Finish Sorting / by Episode / Season for TV shows, List / Album / Folder for Music, Folder for Home Video & Photos
  • TV Theme Music
  • Plex Companion (No Alexa support currently!)
  • More Keyboard Controls ~~* Need to add ability to select different version of movie when multiple are present~~

Known Issues

  • Downloaded subtitles are not persistent
  • Sometimes when using Big Seek the picture stalls while audio keeps going (Kodi issue?)
  • Raspberry Pi is slow with large lists
  • Launching from My Addons doesn't work/crashes, Shortcut doesn't work in multiple skins as well ~~* Users using Home sometimes have issues related to plexpass/managed users and ends up getting sign in screen everytime.~~ ~~* Subtitles sometimes don't show up until you go into Kodi settings and enable everytime~~
  • Some RPI have reported issues Stop/Resuming, with video playing back in background
  • Audio offset doesn't stick when using ff/rew in the file
  • PMS sends us the same video as just watched in 'Up Next' postally screen
  • When browsing, sometimes the cover disappears when you cursor over it.
  • Multipart Movies won't play
  • Video Playlists only show 100 entries

Missing Features

  • Channels support
  • (live) Music Lyrics integration
  • Pre-roll Video and Trailers
  • Plex DVR support
  • Label support
  • Chapter support
  • Collections support