Play audio from MP4 files



How can I do this? Sonos can play MP4 audio but the Plex connector only presents audio only files to sonos. Plex says this plex connector support video formats. How do I do this?


MP4 is only a container, one that can container audio, video, or both. In Sonos we are only exposing Music libraries, as setup in PMS, so we aren’t even looking at video libraries.

Do you have a link to where we say a video format is supported? Might be a documentation issue.


Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. I think I saw it here but this page is no longer available.

Plex for Sonos | Personal Media | Media Streaming Server

Plex helps you connect your music to Sonos so you can control and listen wirelessly wherever you are—at home, … Support for all file types (well, …

Is there any way I can “trick” the Plex connector to present MP4s to Sonos? As most of my music collection is contained in MP4, I had hoped that this would enable Plex to overcome the limitations of Sonos and finally make it a complete solution. Sonos can play MP4s fine, if only the Plex connector would present them to Sonos.