Playback broke?



I’ve been using Plex with Sonos for months now and everything has been working great (once I figured out the NAT Loopback requirements) but now my server has stopped working with Plex. Not sure if it’s because Plex changed the way they do authentication or not (nothing on my side has changed) so I thought I would see if anyone else is having issue.

I’m thinking it relates to a server update because I also used to be able to have my Plex Cloud server work and now it won’t either. Something seems to have broken on the Plex side.

Any one else having problem? Suggestions on how to fix?


Well one view was least someone saw that I'm having an issue... :smile:


You are not alone ;)

This could be related... I was just forced to update the Sonos app (version 8.1 build 38946070). Up to this point it was working beautifully with my Plex music folders and playlists. After the update, when I load a playlist it skips each song tell me that the format is incompatible. These are mp3 files! Unfortunately this happened on a Sunday gathering while getting the music ready , so I'll investigate during the week to find out what could possibly have happened.