Playback Error after Update to



Hi there,
I'm running Plex Media Server Version on Windows 10. Some Files (not all) that worked, started to stop working. The Files are still there in the same directory and the letter of the drive is also the same. Also the MKV file is still working and playing fine in other players. With Plex Web App in Firefox I get the Error Message: "An error occured trying to play ..." shaka1001 (Network). Same so in Chrome. Via Rasplex the file is also not playable. It seems though, that Plex Server is still transcoding / playing the file without picture after the Error message in the Webplayer is displayed, that is shown in the Status bar. Logs are attached.



I just wanted to give a Feedback: It works again. I don't have an Idea why. I tried to "optimize" the versions before, maybe there is a connection why it works now, but I doubt it, since the optimization gave out an error as well.

But anyhow - it works now again. A mysterie in my favour.