Playback error: Could not play selected video



When I try and watch a movie on my roku, I can watch it for 15 minutes and then it starts to think and gets stuck at 33% and then a box comes up that says "Playback error, could not play selected video." I can push the back button on the roku remote and hit play again and its fine for another 15 minutes and all this starts over again. Any ideas why this might be happening? I've tried several things to fix, and I can't seem to find this error in other forums.


could you post your log files when it is happening? (With debug on)


I'm a newbie and I'm not sure how or what to do.


follow that bud


Thank you!


I downloaded the logs, now how do I put them here so you can see them? Sorry! I thought I could figure this out.


Maybe this is it?