Playback Freezing



I've been using Orcas Plex client for a couple of years on a Samsung UE55JS9000. I'm recently experiencing freezing of sound and audio at random points of playback. It order to resume, I need to return to the menu and then click resume from. However this happened approximately 4 times in a 45 min program. I'm using the Orcas latest version 2.009 and the latest version of PMS
All settings are as default.
Any ideas?


Sometimes it helps to reset the browser cache, by unplugging the TV from the main power for a minute.
It could also be an issue with the codecs/containers or corruption inside the video.


I’ve been experiencing the same problem with one of my TV’s (UN46ES6100). I’ve recently set up my TV for wired access to my router in the interests of troubleshooting this issue (I thought maybe the problem was network-related) but the problem remains.

It seems that the longer the plex client is running, the more this problem happens - until eventually the audio cuts out so much that I have to exit the client and restart the app for the problem to be “fixed” for a time.

If there’s any interest in troubleshooting this, let me know. I can do whatever logging you require.

No other clients in the house seem to have this problem (and there are many - including other Samsung SmartHub TV’s that DON’T exhibit this).


Mine only started freezing after I needed to do a firmware update on my TV. I too have other Samsung TVs but they run the official app, which is less polished but is more stable on playback. I manually increased the buffer last night to see whether it made any difference, and then watched an hour long program with it freezing only once. Given the different media i’ve tried I don’t think it’s a corruption issue with the video files. I tried an unplug also, but that didn’t seem to make any difference.


I’ve been experiencing the same issue as well on my Samsung UJ6500 (2015 model) Smart Hub TV.
Files from Plex play perfectly on two other newer models (2017) Samsung TV’s without any freezing during playback.

But our main living room TV, any movie or TV show file that is played randomly freezes after every 5 to 10 minutes of playback. Then I have to press Stop, Return to the menu, and click Play to resume where it left off, and it will play but will keep freezing again every 5 to 10 minutes. Since it only happens on this particular TV, is there something I could try to fix this?
It was working totally fine for the longest time and has started doing this for the past month or so.

I’ve noticed that for the 2015 model, the latest Plex version was on 05/08/2018 version 2.0

On my two other 2017 models, the latest Plex versions and updates are 05/11/2018 version 3.3.4

Any of the Plex developers with help or a fix please?


Mine sorted itself out in the end. I did unplug the tv to clear the cache as well as uninstall and reinstall the plex app again.


Tried it, by unplugging the TV for a few minutes, then proceeded to un-install/re-install the Plex app again.
Got super happy seeing that everything worked fine for the first 25 minutes… until it froze again. :frowning:
Really not sure what else to try at this point, seeing that it has to be related to the app version running on the TV. Hopefully someone from the developers’ team might have a few suggestions to offer.


Have you tried different playback methods rather than auto? I have and I’ll double check what I’m on when I’m home. Could be direct play.


Ok, I’ll have a look at that option to see if it could resolve it. Thanks.