Playback Issue Sony Bravia 930E - Flashing artifacts at bottom of screen



So this is only occurring on my Sony Bravia 930E smart tv. There will be flashing lines at the bottom, green, and purple. I am using an NAS to host these. Before, when it was being hosted on my laptop it was a broken white line at the bottom flashing.

On all other devices, I noticed no artifacts or discoloration so I assume it has something to do with the player itself.

Any suggestions or other posts I could be pointed at. I searched to find similar issues but could not locate exactly this sort of playback issue. Thanks in advance.


Confirmed that I also have this issue with my Sony X940E, running from a Synology NAS.
Very distracting.


I'm also having this on my 930.


I'm also getting the same issue on my Sony A1E.

I wonder what it could be, it's not happening on all my movies but, only on some, I'm really annoying because on my XBR-65X850C the same problem is not there it's only on my Sony XBR-55A1E.

Why is this happening?
Any updates on this issue?
What can I do to fix this?

Not sure, I read somewhere it's something to do with Android version but, both of my TVs are running Android 7.0 Nougat.


Hey there, have the same issue since maybe the last few days?

Have a Sony XE93 "65" from 2017 and stream my Mediathek from a Synology Disk. Issues seen only in the new 16:9 format at the bottom of the picture. My issue u can see here on YT.


Same with my Sony A1. Started a couple of days ago.


same on my 930e


The Bug still exist


Actually i have 7.0.3 and the Bug still exist @plex

I ask for feedback. and when the bug gets fixed.



I also have this bug randomly come on :(


Any update on this?

I can confirm that I also get the issue on my new Sony 49XF9005. I haven't tried PLEX on my old Sony 43XE8396 yet, as this didn't have the issue about a month ago when I last used the player.


Can one of you please confirm that other video players on the same TV play the same files without the described issues? We have to make sure that this is not a bug in the hardware decoder of your TVs. Because this is something Plex cannot fix. Sadly, Android TVs are buggy as hell. That's not an excuse just a fact :|


Thought I'd do some more testing tonight, and try out what @uglymagoo said. However, I saw that the Plex server had an update, so updated it to I now can't recreate the problem. For me the "flashing artifacts" at the bottom of the letterbox have disappeared.

I'd be intrigued to know if the other posters on here are still having the problem?


Hi @uglymagoo

I am trying the follow to get more infos about this bug

Transfer the .mkv zoomania Video File to an USB Stick and

-Play it directly with Sony Video App (All Clear, no mistakes)
-Play it directly with VLC Media App (All Clear, no mistakes)
-Try to play directly with Plex from USB and not over the Network (Video isn´t loading, Don´t works)
-Play over Network with Plex and Plex Server (Same mistake, jittering at the bottum...)
-Play over Network wih Synology DS Video App (All Clear, no mistakes)
-Play over Network with MX Player (Video Clear but no DTS Sound)

So, what is my Conclusion about this?

The Video file is ok and will be played without errors directly from USB and over Ethernetnetwork from my Synology disk with Synology DS Video Android App.

Do you need further informations?

All Soft-and Firmware are up to date


No, the problem still exsits