Playback issues on Samsung UE48HU7500 running Plex app: 2.007 PMS:



Hi Orca,

Amazing work on the app. I've used it for 3 years now on this TV and it's truly awesome!

Over the last few months (I can't remember exactly when) I've noticed that playback doesn't work anymore. Whether, I'm streaming from a local server in my house, or from a friend's server, playback will start, and then after a random period it will pause and then restart, to pause again; or it will hang completely and make the TV unresponsive until I turn it off at the wall; or it will hard crash the TV into a reboot.

Over the last few months of having this I've tried turning the TV off for a few minutes and then back on again, but that doesn't fixed the issue. I've had to resort to using Plex with Chromecast.

Do you have any recommendations?





Turning it off, is not enough, you have to pull the plug completely and leave the Tv without power for a few minutes


Hi Orca, yes, I meant, I turned it off at the wall (effectively pulling the power plug on it). Thanks Invoke


Hi Orca,

As I did a proper power down, do you have any other suggestions? Complete uninstall and reinstall?




That's not what should happen normally. Maybe your TV needs a SmartHub reset (available under the TV menu)
If that still doesn't help maybe a factory reset.


Orca - okay. Sounds good. I'll give that a try. Thanks.