Playback on chromecast stutters after 15~20 minutes. Plays fine again after stopping and restarting



As described in the title, every time I stream a video to my chromecast it works perfectly, until after a minute or 20 it starts to stutter / buffer really badly. Pausing it doesn't help, but stopping the stream and starting it again will enable the chromecast to play again for about 20 minutes.

The issue started about a month ago and during the years before I've never seen this before.

Some more information: I have subtitles enabled, video + audio are direct stream according to the web interface, CPU usage on server is next to nothing. The problem also doesn't occur when playing video in my browser.

Does anybody have any idea what I can do to solve this issue?


Some additional information:

  • When the problem occurs and I select a lower quality, the ‘timer resets’ and the problem doesn’t occur for about 20 minutes again.
  • When I disable the subtitles, the server goes from ‘direct stream’ to a mode that doesn’t require transcoding and the problem hasn’t appeared since.

So it seems the problem is related to the subtitles, but isn’t caused by CPU of bandwidth.


I have the same issue now with Chromecast for a month as well. Please fix this.


I have the same issue now with Chromecast for a month or two.


After some more watching I am almost 100% sure it’s the subtitles that cause the issue.
I’m afraid there isn’t something we can do about it ourselves, other than hoping it will be fixed by either Google or the Plex developers.


Some Plex employee could at least say something. How far are you in finding a solution?

Is it your fault or google? - Please update us!

Millions of chromecast devices around the world is rendered “unusable” for what 4th week now?


Hi, today i contacted the billing support with the following mail, I suggest you all do a simular attempt. Maybe we have a posible way to get something out of the plex support:


Where do I cancel my Plex pass subscription?

Now 3 weeks have gone since you updated the chromecast app.

And for many of us we are not posible to use plex anymore becourse of errors and buffering issues.

We tried multiple times to get in touch with technical team.
Adviced for a rollback or at least a timeline for when to expect this to work

Now i don’t want to use more time with a completely useable solution.
And a complete disaster from support team. How long should incidents in this league take to be found and fixed?

See these threads:



I’m sorry to hear that. We’re not (yet) able to reproduce the problem of stuttering or buffering. Does it still happen if you reduce the quality/bitrate?


yes, it still happens when subtitles are selected.

I have it on multiple chromecasts (so you can rule out a single device failure)

kind regards



I can also confirm this problem, worked before update and now some of my friends has this problem.

Turning off subtitles doesnt seem to help.


@“Dom C” said:
I’m sorry to hear that. We’re not (yet) able to reproduce the problem of stuttering or buffering. Does it still happen if you reduce the quality/bitrate?

Chocking to hear that you haven’t been able to reproduce after 3 weeks of problems for everybody else. Could you at least explain why you don’t just roll back to last stable version as suggested by a lot of users in the forum. That’s the least you could do to calm people just a bit down…


Just unbelieveable that after 3 weeks we hear that you cant reproduce the problem and therefore have done nothing. First now react on those massive forums threads that contains logs and complains from alot of people. So your all just thinking, ahh if we wait the problems disapear. Well yes thats correct then we need to use another solution than Plex. As we are tryin to say, it happends on every mkv file with SRT subs. Sorry im just very angry about the lag of professional handling. Im working in a operation unit my self so i know to the core how support should and should not run. Please let your team get some sort of education or ITIL certification.


@“Dom C” said:
I’m sorry to hear that. We’re not (yet) able to reproduce the problem of stuttering or buffering. Does it still happen if you reduce the quality/bitrate?

Yep as uploaded in another thread to you you see logs fore different quality settings.


Many of the people having this problem were suffering when using remote servers, since we were ignoring the default quality setting (which is almost always not full quality) - so we’d hoped that was the majority of the cases.

Unfortunately it sounds like that’s not enough. If this is still occurring for you, and if you haven’t already, please can you say whether you are using a remote or local server and what bitrate/network conditions you have.

We’re currently adding more logging, error handling and information to the receiver so we can try and work out what’s failing for some of you and improve the situation.


I have a local server, asustor 5102T with 8gb memory.
I start streaming at high quality (1080p @20mb/s) but problems stay, even when i reduce to eg 4mbs 720p. The subtitles stay a criticalfault compnent


Thanks. We’ll try again with some samples with really hefty subtitles to see if we can get the same issue. I’d somehow misread that detail, so sorry!


It happends on both local and remote streaming from 1,5Mbit to >20Mbit.

Its happends everytime with subtitle enabled but also often without.

Ofcourse i have a 150Mbit connection, but hey the problem came exactly when your changed the chromecast app so i really do not need to tell that the problem is not the server nor the connection.

The solution to the quality settings fixed the problem where it standard choosed original instead of the setting in app. However as many posts after this also tells it did not fix the buffering problem.


I still mean that the service has so many problems after this update that you as a provider cannot call it a success. And that Plex as an operation organisation should take better care of the change/release procedure. I know not all can be tested before a release and therefore its even more important to have a success criteria and a good fall back plan. And a sharp as hell support organisation that can handle any problem fast and precise. Im not sure if google support that on chromecast but if its posible to create a three version way. A stable branch, release and a Beta one. Then the end user have the posibility to step back to stable in an event of failure in the release letting your support time to fix a problem.


And i thought the problem was something else.
On a remote server with Google chromecast (the 4K version) problem occurs after 10 to 15 minutes.
It begins to stutter. Stop and play again doesn’t work. Its still stuttering. Using An other bitrate and the problem is gone for 10 to 15 minutes.
Even if i use the lowest bit rate it still occurs.
Its An MKV with internal SRT whats playing.
Thinks i tryed:

  • I changed it from direct stream to transcoding but same problem.
  • Connecting the chromecast to a 2Ghz or 5Ghz wifi network.
  • Connecting the chromecast with an network cable.
  • Disabled secure network connection on the server side.

Please do something about it.


Having the same issue when a friend is streaming from my sever via his laptop / smartphone to his Chromecast.

It does not seem to happen to H.264 files (no subtitles) that he plays directly, but only to H.265 8/10 bits (with subtitles) that are transcoded to maximum quality (even lower I think). It always happens around 20-23 minutes and he has to disconnect / reconnect to his Chromecast to make it work again without stutters.