Playback on Roku keeps cutting out then tries to transcode compatible file



Happens on Roku Stick 3600R and Roku 3 on multiple roku devices on different networks.

File direct plays just fine for a while, then stops, then starts back up again and tries to transcode, then fails to playback. I then need to restart the movie and fast forward to where i was. I have been using this combination (Plex/Roku) with exact file type (my encode) for almost a year with no issues. Has been happening on almost everything i watch the past couple weeks (since recent PMS update it seems?).

Logs attached. Seems logs show it plays fine to start, then tries to transcode part of the way through (i did some fast forwarding to try to trip it up, usually it will do it on its own randomly). Everything on the logs is for the same movie file.

can anyone help please?


This is an mkv file with 264 lvl 4.0 video and standard AC3 sound btw. A very compatible file for Direct Play. Seems logs show PMS reads the container incorrectly part of the way through. At first it sees MKV then after it cuts out it sees mpegts somehow...? Thanks to anyone that can help me fix this!


Did a lot of research on this tonight. Seems one needs to email roku and request to be put on their 7.6 downgrade list. This seems to be a known issue with roku versions 7.7. Hopefully that solves my issue.


It should. Some people are in denial about all the goodness a 7.7 FW can provide (read: nightmare), but if they (Roku) can ever successfully get you back down to 7.6, fix the version they'll be putting back on your sticks without messing it up for everybody else (unlikely, given their track record), one day we may see an end to 7.7...

What wonders will 7.8 bring?

Stay tuned, Kids!


I have the same problem on my Premier Plus...

Start playing a file with direct play... then after about 30 minutes or so playback stops, and it switches to transcode!

Very annoying. I find myself using my Roku less and less, instead a cheap Kodi box is giving me much less problems.