Playback stops after Pre-roll



I love that the Roku client has a pre-roll only setting. However after the pre-roll plays it drops to the plex menu. I tried including cinema trailers, and it would play the trailers (any number) then the pre-roll then stop.

I checked that the movie plays fine, and if I choose play without trailers it plays right away.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
(pre-roll is stored in a library with plex content link used for the path)


We will investigate! Thanks for the report.


Is your pre-roll shorter than 10 seconds by chance?


This issue affects me sporadically, as well. I have 4 total pre-rolls; two clocking in at 10 seconds, the others at 11 and 18 seconds. I’ll do some testing based on the 10-second threshold (I can’t remember off the top of my head if the two 10-second clips are the ones that lead to play failures).


I too, have this issue. One of my videos also causes a playback error on Chrome, so I turned it off for now. However, my issue is that on some viewer’s Roku’s, the playback stops after one pre-roll clips, which is about 6 seconds.


Got to test this with a FireTV stick, preview, preroll, and feature played without issue.

The pre-roll is 5 seconds long.

I’ll turn it back on and test it tonighton the roku.


Just a follow up.
I have had to completely rebuild by plex environment due to different issues. I haven’t messed with pre-roll yet.